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Saved by the Belle

PLEASE POST YOUR QUESTIONS HERE AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO ANSWER...ALWAYS WITH A SOUTHERN TWIST. DEAR BELLE, Please help me. I am a young mother and my husband and three year old daughter make me want to run away sometimes! I am sick of being a servant! I need romance too. I don't want to age before my time but all this stress is getting me down! HELP! Aging quick in Missouri!! Dear Aging, You are NOT aging. But your husband will if he doesn't make time for romance. That's awful, but typical. As we know sometimes our Sweeties don't think...INSERT YOUR OWN THOUGHT HERE..So we have to help them. This has worked for...ahem...FRIENDS of mine..ahem.... Some night find a sitter, make it a weeknight so he will be unsuspecting, fix dinner as usual. Have it timed perfectly. When he walks in, say,"Hey Honey, in here..." gesturing for him to come into the kitchen. Be standing at the stove facing the stove with ONLY an apron on with a BIG BOW cascading down your rear end. SIZE OF BOW WILL DEPEND ON HOW BIG YOUR REAR END IS. (I needed one you would put on a car at Christmas..) He will walk in the kitchen and YOU will be dinner, AND dessert! Now you have his attention. Tell him you will grow old and apart if you don't take the time for TIME together. It's extremely important to remember you were a couple FIRST, and when baby grows up, you will be a couple again...if he's a good boy. Good luck! Sincerely, Belle