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Anyone can be a Sassy Belle. It's all about Attitude!

     We will wring your neck, hug your neck and bless your heart...all in the same day!!

Hey Y'all! What a whirlwind of a joyride I have been on in the last few months! It has been unreal! I GOT A BOOK DEAL!!!!!  I have been crazy excited and writing till I thought my fingers would totally fall off.  THREE books will be out before you know it!

                                           The Sassy Belles-- out June 1st

                                           Wedding Belles---out August 1st

                                           Sleigh Belles---out October 1st  

I am thrilled beyond belief! I have written all three back to back and couldn't wait till I was finished so I could spread the word. We are in the middle of planning the campaign and setting up a book tour!! Please let me know if you would like for me to visit your city!

These books are a Sex in The City Meets Steel Magnolias type of story with some intrigue and white hot passion built in for fun, but mostly they are books about the special, undeniable friendships women share--for a lifetime. Through thick and thin, we're there for each other.

The story of how these books came about is pretty simple--I was homesick for Tuscaloosa, Alabama, my hometown. I was lonely for my southern fried girlfriends, my family. See when I was growing up, no matter what, good news or crisis, we all had a place we ran Nanny Bruce's house. She was my mother's mother and a tiny little spitfire of a woman...gorgeous, with a deep rolling laugh that could cure anything.

She had a snack corner in the far corner of her kitchen near the stove and it was filled with sweet concoctions that could cure a world of troubles. The minute you came through the back porch, she'd offer you a Coke and a good heartfelt chat. The world would go away the minute I stepped into her kitchen, got a hug and a kiss and sat down at her yellow laminate 1950's table, for a laugh or a good cry.

 Every single time in my adult life, when I am in the middle of an event of any kind, I think of her house and her kitchen table where most of my happiest childhood memories danced. My Aunt, my mother, my Nanny, our friends, all sitting around that table, eating Krispy Kremes and laughing---the scent of my grandmother's signature perfume, hovering overhead....that memory has comforted me like nothing else for my entire life.

I knew I had to just start writing. before I knew it, I had a story going. I loved these women I had created. They are smart, hilarious, beautiful to each other, and tight. All of the different generations work through everything---even a missing lover. So as the book grew...I thought..."what if I could do this forever...this way no matter where I wind up living with my husband, I can ALWAYS be in Tuscaloosa in my books, with my women family and friends, laughing around that table.

I finished the book, went to the San Francisco Writers Conference, met my beloved agent there, and she got me a three book deal with Harlequin MIRA!!!  I remember thinking, OMG, someone besides my mother thinks I'm a good writer!

All of the books are about The Sassy Belles...and anyone can be one! I literally know so many!!

A Sassy Belle IS NOT a size, a color, an is an ATTITUDE!  Simply, a woman who can be the Go-To-Girl-In-A-Crisis...who do you run to to fix everything? To commiserate with...who will drive the get-away car? And still, she'll look beautiful doing it all? That's a Sassy Belle! The sister who will have your back NO Matter What...And you never ever have to explain yourself. She SEES you, all the time...all the good all the bad and always loves you. That's a Sassy Belle.

It has been said through the ages, Southern women are strong...A Sassy Belle is strong, but she doesn't even have to be from the South...she just is the very backbone of her family, and her friends know they can count on her, and she knows she can count on herself.

To be a Sassy Belle, takes one thing when all is said and done... at our core is a seed of unshakable confidence. A Sassy Belle is smart, funny, warm, tenacious, and a momma bear to all we love. And whether we're wringing your necks---or hugging them, we are sweet and full of self matter what size we wear or how old we are!

We will wring your neck, hug your neck and bless your heart...all in the same day...with a smile on our face and our lipstick perfectly in place!  That's a Sassy Belle!

Can't wait to meet y'all as I tour the country....PLEASE pick up a copy of my books and let me know what you think...

VISIT my website too!!!

Remember-----Anyone can be a Sassy Belle....There's not a better thing to be, cause we have our sister's back...and look amazing while doing it!

Stay Sassy Y'all and look for The Sassy Belle Books...on sale everywhere, June 1st!