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Sassy Belles Sister Contest

We take care of each other, stand our ground…and do it in high heels, big hair and lots of lipstick!”

When I began writing The Sassy Belles, I always knew it would be the story of the women. Yes, of course we have some good ol’ romps in the sack with our sexy chivalrous southern gentlemen, but mostly it would be about the women and how they really relate to each other—how they truly love each other. Growing up, I saw it and experienced it first hand. Women need each other. We have a unique view of life from atop our stilettos. We actually DO do it all. From working inside or out of the home, from the family budget, which most of us handle, the childcare, the aging parent care, the house cleaning, the grocery shopping, the supper-cooking…and on and on…and please just for fun, let’s pile on at least one major crisis per day, per child…how do we do it? Hopefully, you have a little help in the way of a best friend—a Sassy Belle Sister-- who is the wind beneath your wings, or at least waiting with a full tank of gas to drive your get-away car.

I saw my mother need and lean on her Sassy Belle Sisters after my Daddy was killed in a car wreck when I was only four years old. They literally pulled her back out into the world. I remember them coming over to our house for cook-outs and parties, bringing their kids over all the time to play-- and oh, I remember so much laughter. Their presence took away our incredible sadness. They are certainly Steel Magnolias. When one is sinking the others not only throw the life raft-- hell they build the boat. They are all still with us today and I know all those sassy ladies as extended family—cause they are! I learned from an early age how important those female friendships really are just watching my mother and to this day I am so grateful for those strong steel magnolias. I, too, have a few of my own.

This is my own story of what it has meant to have such strong Sassy Belle Sisters over my lifetime. After you read mine---just submit your own story, 200 words or less, of who is your Sassy Belle sister and why right here on the website.

I have leaned on my Sassy Belle Sisters so much they are growing crooked. From my mom to my best friends, I need them like flowers need rain. I could talk about any of them and share stories of how they have rescued me from myself hundreds of times, especially my mother…who continues to be my very best friend, to Susan, and Joyce just to name a few. But one dear sturdy and strong woman always comes to mind when I’m the one needing that “I-got-your-back” Sassy Belle sister. Lynn Watts Zegarelli, who I have known since she was only a baby of 14. She was strong back then too! She had to be. I swear if you need someone to drive your getaway car, give you a swift kick in the ass, or …what she does best—talk you down out of the tree---this is your girl.

I am a pretty passionate, well, emotional, person. It comes in really handy when I write, but makes life a little …uhmlouder, my husband would say, than some other people’s lives. You know, like really low-key folks or I would say—less passionate beings. So when life throws me a curve, especially when I am going on very little sleep…thank you change-of-life-hormones—I tend to get really upset sometimes. Lynn has a roadmap to me and can talk me down out of any sized tree. Amazingly, she actually volunteers for this job! And her GPS had been working over-time this last year as I wrote not one, but three novels! She needs an award, or a stiff drink---better yet, both!

But when I really needed her—when even my mom needed her for me, was after I had my only baby. I had had several deep brain strokes during delivery, visible on an MRI, and I plummeted into post partum blues, along with dizzy spells, crying fits, etcOne day when I was reaching a breaking point, Lynn literally showed up and physically picked me up off the floor, got me in her car and drove me straight to see one of her doctor friends, then stayed with me, holding my hand—and my mother’s, till she was sure I would be okay. It certainly helps that my Lynn is a nurse when she has so many crazies to work with. Well-- passionate beings.

And Lynn is there for all of us, too. My other Sassy Belle sister, Susan, was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer last October—who should be in a position to come to her rescue in everyway but our Lynn. With all of us in tears but trying so hard to be strong for Susan, Lynn was strong for all of us and got Susan set up with every single thing she needed giving Susan and her family the much needed reassurance and relief she-- and we all needed—now Susan’s latest scans show she is cancer-free. We all lean on Lynn. She is our rock. But she is made of good sturdy stuffthank heavens.

Another incident when we were all leaning on our rock was when my brother was in a horrific motorcycle accident in September…we couldn’t get word on him...he was rushed into ER-- wounds and broken bones head to toe. I am clear out in California, but one call to my Lynn back in Alabama, and she ran down from her upper level administrative nursing office and gave us a full assessment within minutes! She is wonder-woman to me! I have never needed her when she didn’t bend over sideways and backwards to help me—all of us. It’s just her nature to help. But what she does best is just out of love and honesty, she listens and will shake you if you need it—and sometimes that’s all you need. I just hope she knows she can lean on me for anything—forever. That’s what us Sassy Belles do— “We take care of each other, stand out ground…and do it in high heels, big hair and lots of lipstick!” As I say in  The Sassy Belles novel.

I could go on and on and share so many stories of how my sisters have been there for me…holding my hand, pulling me up, setting me straight or simply just having my back or listening over a good margarita. Through tears and side aching laughter, we, as women, know the special bond we share with each other. I am always so proud of my relationships with my Sassy Sisters. I know that when the day comes for sadness, joy grief, despair or big time celebrating, I will always have my Sassy Belle Sisters and therefore, I know will never ever be alone. And that is the best feeling on Earth!

Now is your chance to tell me about YOUR Sassy Sister to win a huge Grand Prize! Share with me in 200 words or less, who is your Sassy Belle Sister, and why right here on my website. We will pick one grand-prize winner and 3 runners-up. Can’t wait to hear from y’all!

The Grand Prize winner receives two signed books, one for you and one for your "sister", lunch with me in Tuscaloosa with the you and your "sister", 2 jars of DREAMLAND BBQ Sauce...A Tuscaloosa mainstay, a shirt that says, "I Love Krispy Kremes", and some University of Alabama shakers and trinkets. As an added bonus, you'll receive a free query critique from my agent and an annotated copy of my next book, Wedding Belles, signed by me...due out July 30th!

Three runner ups will receive a signed copy of the book! All you have to do is tell me about your Sassy Sister below and you're entered to win!

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